Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabolous Fourth Weekend!

Gotta love the 4th of July!  I certainly do.  What is there not love?  Activities are constant.  For us; it was a birthday party (my grandfather turned 87!) catching lightening bugs or fireflies, a baseball game, carnival & fireworks, sleeping at the lake and making s'mores, being in the 4th parade at the lake, BBQ'ing, swimming and enjoying our friends and family all weekend long.

Catching lightening bugs.

The top picture is Audrey: designed by mom.  I made it all, from top to bottom; hair bow to flipflops.  This girl was decked out!  OMG, did she look cute if I say so myself.  I love, love, love that top photo.  Too bad the water is in her mouth!  I originally got the tutu outfit idea when I saw this picture from Posh Little Tutu's.  CUTE!  I HAD TO HAVE ONE, but I wasn't going to pay that kinda money for it.  So, I made my own and I LOVED HOW IT CAME OUT!!!!!

The next few pictures are from Saturday:  The baseball game and fireworks.  My BFF's son is an amazing baseball player.  I've enjoyed watching him play football and baseball and can't wait for my boy to start sports!

Getting ready to watch the fireworks.

Sunday came.  It was a dreary day, but we made the most of it!  The fun part of it I didn't have my camera, but the kids were so cute int he lake with their clothes on.  Yeah, they went in with their cute Sunday outfits on and I had no camera!  :(  Later that evening we went on the boat and, once again, no camera for when grandpa caught a fish and Pauly got to throw it back in the lake.  He thought it was so cool!

Important calls can't wait.

Then it was s'mores time!  Since everything was wet, I had to "roast" the marshmallows on the stove.  The kids loved them anyway!

 MONDAY!  4th of July!  We had so much fun!  The kids were in the parade (all the kids at the lake are basically in the parade!).  We decorated the bikes and the kids.  It was so much fun!

Close-up of A's tattoo's.  I <3 the butterfly.

Then, the rest of the day at the beach! 

What a great weekend!

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