Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We was just a great day yesterday in the Heerema family.  We woke up and I had the kitchen somewhat decorated thanks to It's Always A Party at the Parkers.  This lady is ultra-talented!  I downloaded her FREE printables.  You really need to go see her stuff. My pictures are crappy as was my display compared to hers!

The night before, I was lucky enough to kick Paul out of the house with a friend to go to the bar (thankfully, he actually mentioned this night out!) and Pauly and I made maple bacon muffins.  Those cute cupcake toppers are part of the printable from It's Always A Party at the Parkers.  Aren't they just so adorable? 

I wish I took better pictures of everything.  Next, the PRESENTS!  The present that I made was from How Does She Do That?  It's a pistacho container and the inside (which you will have to go to her site to see) is divided into 2 sections: "To Eat" and "To Toss".  Dad's didn't come out nearly as good as Grandpa's did.  I wish I took a picture of Grandpas.

Someone is enjoying her maple bacon muffin!

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