Monday, June 27, 2011

Manic Monday

Hello?  Hello?!
Because who doesn't love to talk on a Watermelon phone?
Happy Monday!

Happy Monday?

I'm actually ok with Mondays.  Except the going back to work deal.  But, I like to just take a breather and think about the past weekend and what we will be doing for the next weekend.  Thus . . . Manic Monday posts were born.

I thought it would be fun to start off my Monday's telling you about my weekend, what we did and what we have planned for the week & weekend ahead.  I also thought this could help me with the upkeep of my photographs.

Friday we continue our weekly Friday night grilled pizza night.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE grilled pizza.  I make the dough the in the bread maker and when the husband comes home from work, he fires up the grill and in 10 minutes we have dinner.  Yum!

Saturday, the husband had to go to a bacholor party.  I decided since #1 son was well-behaved at school for the last 2 weeks (he wonly goes 2 times a week) that I'd take him to see Cars 2.  It was his first time at the movies and he was so excited.  He thought it was "So cool!"  He was ok.  But I'm not sure I'd take him again anytime soon.  We'll just do our movie night weekend with the popcorn I make.

What I thought about Cars 2?  I liked it.  One of Pauly's first movies that I got out of the library for him to watch was Cars.  We found it boring.  So, despite what I heard of bad reviews, I really like it. Maybe I need to watch Cars again?

Sunday was our day at my in-law's lake house.  These kids LOVE Green Pond.  So much that Pauly kept saying "I want to go back to the green pond!"

When we got home, I decided that it was Watermelon for dinner.  The kids loved it.  I have pictures:

Watermelon Coma

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